The core of our practice is litigation, where we represent both businesses and individuals in complex matters. We combine our team’s experience and individual areas of expertise in order to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions for their cases.

Areas we specialize in

We represent both business and natural persons in private law disputes, covering a wide range of industries. Some of our highlights include representing:

  • one of the largest construction companies in Romania in a litigation concerning the construction of a residential neighbourhood against its associate, the local authority;
  • a foreign investor in disputes between shareholders concerning a solar energy powerplant;
  • a professional poker player in a claim against one of the largest international poker platforms;
  • an international freight carrier in a dispute concerning damages caused by the seizure of the client’s containers;
  • an international construction company in insolvency proceedings against a local subcontractor;
  • a former president of the Romanian capital market authority in a claim for damages stemming from illegal arrest followed by acquittal.

Family disputes entail higher sensitivity than other disputes, which highlights the trust that our clients place in us, such as in a case involving a multijurisdictional inheritance proceeding, spanning 5 different European countries.

Our firm acts both on the side of authorities and of persons affected by administrative acts. We have a longstanding relationship representing the regional organizer of public transport in one of Romania’s counties.

Regarding the representation of private entities against authorities, our highlight cases include:

  • representing the constructor of a block of flats in Bucharest in a case that concerned the demolition of their building;
  • representing one of the top Romanian leasing companies in front of the Competition Council during an investigation and in the subsequent annulment proceedings against the Council’s decision.

Our team provides assistance in labour law litigation, representing both employers and employees. Our longstanding relationship with the regional provider of public transport in one of Romania’s counties provides us with a varied expertise in the field.

We have been involved in large and complex enforcement proceedings, successfully assisting a foreign investor in enforcing several arbitral awards amounting to more than 30 Million EUR against the Romanian road infrastructure company.

Our expertise in the field of insolvency includes both the representation of creditors and of companies that are in insolvency proceedings.

Our most important clients in this field are an agriculture company specializing in the production of chemical fertilizer and a leasing company.

We encourage our clients to settle their disputes through negotiation with our assistance, if the best solution for the client can be reached in this way. Some of our best solutions have been obtained through negotiation, particularly in labour law disputes.